Certification of Personnel

Inter Technical Western Balkans provides personnel certificate services to managers, sub-managers, supervisors, technicians and other professionals for variety of fields as per ISO/IEC 17024 standard, accepted and recognized globally.

Your people are your most important assets. Training and development is an investment for any organization on the people and the return on investment is many times higher.

Personnel Certification is a conformity assessment program that means skills, competency and experiences of a candidate is evaluated according to objective criterions by comparing needed requirements which are determined by standards. When the result of the evaluation demonstrates that the skills of the candidate are suitable, the candidate is granted the certificate for the specific discipline.

Through personnel certification scheme, you can become the recognized person in your industry or organization. Our service of Personnel Certification, is addressed to employees operating in:

  • Under pressure equipment
    • LPG tanks with a volume up to and above 13 m³, installed above and underground.
    • Pressurized vessels, technological equipment, and compressed air reservoir.
    • Boilers that are designed to produce steam or heat water.
    • Cryogenic pressurized vessels.
    • LPG cylinders filling and storage centers.
    • Unload and Pour LPG gas from tank truck.
    • Transportation vehicle of LPG cylinders.
  • Electrical safety
  • Lifts and lifting appliances